Fujifilm X-tra 400 135-36 Film Canister

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An all-round general purpose, high-performance, high speed color negative film delivering truly fine-grain. Superb for snapshots or action, in low light with flash, outdoors or indoors. Ideal for general use with compact zoom lens cameras.

  • Excellent Grain Quality – Fine grain for a high-speed film, providing no loss of image quality even in large-size enlargements
  • High Speed and Wide Exposure Latitude – High sensitivity that allows images to be captured even under insufficient light conditions
  • Excellent Skin Colour Reproduction – Smooth, beautiful and naturally depicted skin tones
  • Excellent Sharpness – Extremely sharp depiction of all aspects of the subject, from overall form to textural details
  • Excellent Grey Balance – Precisely maintained gray balance throughout, from the brightest highlights to the deepest shadows
  • Improved Aging Characteristics – Aging characteristics have been improved to extend the shelf life of new Superia C-TRA 400
SpeedDaylightISO 400/27?
Tungsten Lamps (3200K)ISO 100/21?
Filter: Wratten No.80A or LBB-12
PhysicalSize & Package Configuration135
36 Exposure
Roll Base MaterialCellulose Triacetate
Roll Base Thickness122?m (135)
Exposure GuideDaylight Exposure GuideSeashore or Snow Scenes under Bright Sun –
Lens Aperture: f/22
Shutter Speed (sec.): 1/500

Bright Sunlight –
Lens Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed (sec): 1/500

Hazy Sunlight –
Lens Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed (sec): 1/250

Cloudy Bright –
Lens Aperture: f/11
Shutter Speed (sec): 1/250

Cloudy Day or Open Shade –
Lens Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed (sec): 1/250

Low Light Exposure GuideFine Weather Daytime Indoor Scenes –
Lens Aperture: f/2.8 to 4
Shutter Speed (sec.): 1/60

Nighttime Indoor Scenes (under Fluorescent Light) –
Lens Aperture: f/2 to 2.8
Shutter Speed (sec): 1/30

Evening Scenes –
Lens Aperture: f/2.8 to 4
Shutter Speed (sec): 1/60

Night Scenes –
Lens Aperture: f/2 to 2.8
Shutter Speed (sec): 1/30

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