Advantech SQFlash MLC Compact Flash 16GB

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SQF-P10 is using Toshiba 32/24nm SLC NAND Flash Chips with CF Type-I interface and UDMA transfer mode provides superb performance as a boot device. In order to help protect customers? intellectual property and maintain system stability, Advantech has designed-in their own SQFlash software package, which includes Security ID, Flash Lock, Life Monitoring and Emergency Erase features, so security and early warning functions can be more easily developed for applications.


24 Month Return to Base Warranty

  • Compliant with CFA 3.0 specification
  • Built-in EDC/ECC up to 12 random bit errors per 512 bytes
  • Advanced wear-leveling and block management
  • Shock resistance, anti-vibration and low power consumption
  • GUI Management Tool & Software API Package

See link for full manufacturers specifications

Dove CodeCapacityOperational TemperatureSustained R/W PerformanceSupplier Code
FC120-256256MB0 to +70?C22/15 MB/secSQF-P10S1-256M-P8C
FC120-X011GB0 to +70?C22/15 MB/secSQF-P10S1-1G-P8C
FC120-X022GB0 to +70?C43/40 MB/secSQF-P10S2-2G-P8C
FC120-X044GB0 to +70?C43/40 MB/secSQF-P10S2-4G-P8C
FC120-X088GB0 to +70?C43/40 MB/secSQF-P10S2-8G-P8C
FC120-X1616GB0 to +70?C43/40 MB/secSQF-P10S2-16G-P8C
FC124-X1616GB-40 to +85?C43/40 MB/secSQF-P10S2-16G-P8E
FC125-X1616GB0 to +70?C43/20 MB/secSQF-P10M2-16G-P9C
FC125-X3232GB0 to +70?C43/20 MB/secSQF-P10M2-32G-P9C
FC125-Z6464GB-40 to +85?C83/87 MB/secSQF-P10M4-64G-ET2
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